RESIDENCE 8 – 1 Bedroom Apartment, Senopati, South Jakarta, Indonesia

RESIDENCE 8 – 1 Bedroom Apartment, Senopati, South Jakarta, Indonesia

Bidang : Residential Interior - Apartment Design
Tahun 2015
Oleh : Tri Hikmawati W.P.
Tri Hikmawati W.P.

Initially the space was a studio type unit that consists of pantry, dining area, living room and bedroom that are fused into one large space and a bathroom inside. To separate between public space (pantry, dining area, and living room) and private space (bedroom), the owner wanted a divider between them without making the space looks small. Responding to this particular need, we design three camouflage panels that besides dividing the two areas, they can also be rotated 360 degrees. When they are rotated, they would be a connecting access between the two areas. On one side of these panels, there is a TV and accessory shelves. While on the other side, there are geometric pattern printed directly on the panels surface. These geometric patterns also serves as a decorative element. Because the panels can be swiveled or rotated 360 degrees, the TV attached to it can be watched both from the living room or bedroom. In the bedroom area itself, there is a major change in the bathroom area. The bathroom walls was demolished and then replaced by black glass which covered with laser cut panel. These laser cut panels is a pattern similar to swivel panel. This demolition was done so the sunlight can get into the bathroom without losing its privacy. As for the bathroom, the initial conditions was an application of bright color scheme with beige colored marble for its main elements. According to owner’s briefs who wanted a masculine atmosphere, these beige marbles was replaced with black marble. For the overall interior look, thick with the feel of masculinity. This masculinity is present through the use of wood and metal materials that gives the impression of a straightforward and dark color scheme selection. Meanwhile, to compensate for the dark color, these metal materials finished with gold color that also used as an accent. In addition, to give the impression of spaciousness, the interior also used bronze mirror for its reflectivity.

Principal Designer: Tri Hikmawati W.P.

Design Team: Ayu Pratitha || Ramandhika Rizky

Photo credits @Bravacasa (CASA Indonesia)

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