CASA INDONESIA - Designer Showcase, Ritz Carlton Hotel, South Jakarta, Indonesia

CASA INDONESIA - Designer Showcase, Ritz Carlton Hotel, South Jakarta, Indonesia

Bidang : Installation Design - Spatial Art
Tahun 2018
Oleh : Tri Hikmawati W.P.
Tri Hikmawati W.P.


Journey around Indonesia’s 5 main islands, in miniature of spatial experience. 

These patterns were taken from various Indonesian tribes and their local patterns. While diverse, there are similarities such as the way we chose to dress; how traditionally we draped ourselves with our local colours and patterns. Every patterns represents their tribe/socialization’s local values which is then reflected in the whole installation. By journey within the installation, visitors can experience all local values, while getting acquainted with other cultures and the local values behind them.

Visitor’s spatial experience reflect individual’s journey in context of being Indonesian. Indonesia as a nation is incredibly diverse, while no pattern can represent all Indonesian values, they are all thoroughly embodied in the spirit of "Unity in Diversity" (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika).

Background of CASA Indonesia Exhibition

Theme: “One Nation” which is inspired by the diversity of Indonesian culture. The design implementation is within a modern and contemporary art installation.

Design Strategy of Art Installation

The understanding of a nation derived from the diversity and journey of Indonesian culture and heritage, where colours and patterns became the bases of the design strategy. The usage of these colours & patterns are transformed into interior elements which affect the spatial perception of its users. Alternative forms are designed to interpret the main spatial ideas.

Main technique: Bended materials with laser cutting or CNC technique

Main materials: Plywood and/or metal sheets, with mirror panels

Principal Designer: Tri Hikmawati W.P.

Design Team: Mirna Heradyani || Safira Permatasari

Installation was sponsored by:

Multi Kreasi Art || Interior contractor

Aman Tirta || Custom-made fabricator

Hikari Lighting || Special lighting and audio-visual supplier

KMP Interior || Creative flooring and wallcovering supplier

Propan || Colour finishing supplier

Photo credits @TMS Creative

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