TAMAN SARI ROYAL HERITAGE SPA by Mustika Ratu, Na Prikope, Prague, Czech Republic

TAMAN SARI ROYAL HERITAGE SPA by Mustika Ratu, Na Prikope, Prague, Czech Republic

Bidang : Hospitality Interior - Spa Design
Tahun 2019
Oleh : Tri Hikmawati W.P.
Tri Hikmawati W.P.

An Indonesian heritage spa in Prague, Czech Republic, has an authentic treatment to balance jiwa, raga, and sukma or mind, body, and spirit. A customer can experience beauty treatment with unique tradition and rituals Javanese Royal Family. This excellence has a combination of traditional, heritage, and nature in process to purify her/himself. Using east tradition and heritage meets modern west era and technology create adaptability through the local and worldwide market. The dynamic interior atmosphere enhances the wellness and beauty treatment by ritual experience. In experiencing Javanese culture, the spatial programming creates a continuous and open space layout. The insertion of tradition through a method using Javanese art/carving on the material and interior implementation to represent the identity and royal heritage spa. Wood becomes the most important element to integrate nature and heritage, with a twist of Javanese tradition. A spa itself is closed to the water as an essential element within the space. Harmonious color scheme and selection material are integrated to gives the essence of natural balance. The interior atmosphere triggers people’s senses to be relax by appropriate day light and artificial lighting.

Principal Designer: Tri Hikmawati W.P.

Design Team: Sri Riswanti || Valencia Tandy || Psichy Mangifera

Photo credits @TMS Creative @Tamansarispa.cz

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