Kerinci Residence

Kerinci Residence

Bidang : Lighting Design
Tahun 2017
Oleh : Endrawan 'Ian' Nimpuno
Endrawan 'Ian' Nimpuno


Linear light has became newly trend of luminaires in the last decade. It’s dynamic and modern feel effect emphasize the building with modern style even further. As such as this luxurious modern house with extent use of stone and wooden materials, these linear lighting enhance the materials and strengthen character of the modern shape of the building significantly. Not only for the exterior, the interior parts are not left behind by the application of these linear lighting application in different yet elegant approach due to its interior design characteristic which is more to eclectic and contemporary in style.

Architect : FX Budi Cahyono (FX Achitect Studio)

Interior : FX Budi Cahyono (FX Architect Studio)

Lighting Designer : Endrawan Nimpuno (ENP Design Consultant)

Photography : Lindung Soemarhadi (Nilai Asia)

Tahun : 2017